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Nowadays, it is an era of brand competition, and it is very important to build user trust in the brand. Social media is a common method of brand marketing. shubham_srinet_8080 chose to post on Instagram to promote the brand efficiently. shubham_srinet_8080 succeeded in Instagram marketing, how did it conquer Instagram? Now BrandFollowers completes a shubham_srinet_8080 analytics report based on data analysis and combining the characteristics of shubham_srinet_8080 products.

1. shubham_srinet_8080 Instagram Basic Information

Posts: 8

Post Frequency per week: 0

Followers: 5.04K

Following: 291

Mentioned influencers: 0

2. Check shubham_srinet_8080 Fake Followers

Many Instagram accounts buy followers for vanity and good data display. Although Instagram has taken a lot of measures to punish the purchase of followers, it has not achieved good results. BrandFollowers checks the real and fake followers of shubham_srinet_8080 through various data metrics. 

Followers of shubham_srinet_8080 are divided into four types by BrandFollowers: Real Followers, Influencers, Mass followers, and Suspicious Accounts.

Meaning of four types:

  • Real People: Accounts that interact well with shubham_srinet_8080
  • Influencers: More than 3,000 fans’ accounts.
  • Mass followers: No interaction with shubham_srinet_8080 and the account is meaningless
  • Suspicious Accounts: Accounts punished or restricted by Instagram

Principles and indicators of checking shubham_srinet_8080 fake accounts:

  • @shubham_srinet_8080 follower engagement rate, posts like / comment ratio.
  • @shubham_srinet_8080 follower and unfollower change intervals.
  • @shubham_srinet_8080 follower demographics.
  • Social engagement between followers and @shubham_srinet_8080.
  • @shubham_srinet_8080 follower account information, a number of posts, following/followers ratio, etc.

shubham_srinet_8080 quality audience include:

Quality audience Real followers Influencers
4.39K 4.19K 201

Conclusion: There are 5.04K followers of shubham_srinet_8080, of which high-quality followers 4.39K, the proportion of high-quality audiences in total users is (83.0%). The higher the ratio, the higher the authenticity of the followers.

3. Track And Analyze shubham_srinet_8080 Unfollowers And Followers

shubham_srinet_8080 have more followers, which means more posts reach, and higher account authority.

For unfollower, every Instagram account(include shubham_srinet_8080) cannot change the fact that unfollow. @shubham_srinet_8080 need to do is to minimize the number of unfollower. To reduce unfollow, first, @shubham_srinet_8080 must know the changing rules of unfollower.

BrandFollowers counts the changes in followers for @shubham_srinet_8080 over time. And divide the follower into four data, total followers, following, unfollower, new follower.

Compare @shubham_srinet_8080 two weeks of new followers changes:

last week Two weeks ago Change for two weeks
0 0 0

In addition to new followers, BrandFollowers also counts @shubham_srinet_8080 unfollowers for each day and calculates the total unfollowers per week.

@shubham_srinet_8080 gets a lot of conclusions by analyzing changes in followers. For example: followers = unfollower + new followers. It means: Sometimes followers are decreasing, it doesn’t mean that @shubham_srinet_8080 current posts don’t attract users, maybe unfollowers are increasing.

 If @shubham_srinet_8080 unfollower is increasing, consider the following reasons:

  • @shubham_srinet_8080 posting frequency is too high or too low
  • The ratio of normal posting content to marketing content
  • Whether followers like the content of the post
  • Whether the @shubham_srinet_8080’s current followers are real high-quality audiences

How to track and analyze the unfollower of another account:

BrandFollowers is a free unfollowers tracker online tool. Just open Enter any Instagram account and you can see the statistics unfollower report of each day.

4. Calculate @shubham_srinet_8080 Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is a measure of the popularity of Instagram posts. A good Instagram account has an engagement rate between 1% and 3%. An engagement rate below 1% indicates that the content of the post is not liked by users. 

@shubham_srinet_8080’s engagement rate last week was 0. The higher the engagement rate, the higher the popularity of the post, and the higher the user engagement. At the same time, @shubham_srinet_8080 can publish more posts of the same type to promote.

Judging the Performance of the Engagement Rate:

<1% 1% and 3% >3% @shubham_srinet_8080
not good good excellent 0

Engagement rate calculation: Engagement rate = (likes + comments) / followers

The main factors affecting @shubham_srinet_8080’ engagement rate are followers, likes, comments, and shares. The engagement rate is calculated based on the number of available followers. BrandFollowers track @shubham_srinet_8080’followers per day, the data of each post on Instagram in real-time, and calculate the average engagement rate.The average engagement rate for shubham_srinet_8080 is 0.

BrandFollowers displays likes and comments for @shubham_srinet_8080’ last 12 posts, and calculates the average likes of shubham_srinet_8080 are 0, and the average number of comments is 0.

average engagement rate average likes average comments
0 0 0

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To sum up:

The above is a free shubham_srinet_8080 Instagram analysis and check report. BrandFollowers also generates real-time brand data for shubham_srinet_8080. In this report, BrandFollowers analyzed the current operation of the shubham_srinet_8080 from multiple angles, and checked the changes of followers. Through the above data, shubham_srinet_8080 has a clearer understanding of current brand development. shubham_srinet_8080 can adjust its operating strategy based on this report and use data to help the brand grow.

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