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Now is an era of brand competition, and building user trust in the brand is one of the goals of corporate marketing. Posting on social platforms Instagram can effectively promote the brand. But today’s social operations are complex. To succeed in social brand marketing, multiple promotion tests must be conducted based on data analysis and the characteristics of the product itself.

BrandFollowers now provides a free Instagram analysis and check report for gucci. In this report, BrandFollowers analyzed the current operation of the gucci from multiple angles, and checked the changes of followers.

1.gucci Instagram basic information

Posts: 6.66K

Post Frequency per week:21

Followers: 39.55M

Following: 204

Mentioned influencers:145

2. Check fake followers

Many Instagram accounts buy followers for vanity and good data display. Although Instagram has taken a lot of measures to punish the purchase of followers, it has not achieved good results. So there are a lot of tools to check for fake followers.

BrandFollowers checks the real followers and fake followers of the gucci through various data indicators. Followers of gucci are divided into four types: Real Followers, Influencers, Mass followers and Suspicious Accounts.

Meaning of four accounts:

  • Real People: Accounts that interact well with brands
  • Influencers: More than 3,000 followers.
  • Mass followers: No interaction, and the account is meaningless
  • Suspicious Accounts: Accounts punished or restricted by Instagram

Principles and indicators of checking fake accounts:

  • Follower engagement rate, like / comment ratio.
  • Followers and unfollowers change intervals.
  • Demographics of followers.
  • Interactive connections between followers and brand accounts.
  • Follower account information, number of posts, following/followers ratio, etc.

Quality audience include:

Quality audience Real followers Influencers
39.16M 35.20M 3.96M

Conclusion: There are 39.55M followers of gucci, of which high-quality followers 39.16M, the proportion of high-quality audiences in total users is (89.0%). The higher the ratio, the higher the authenticity of the followers.

3. Track and analyze gucci unfollowers and followers

Instagram accounts have more followers, which means more posts arrive, representing higher account authority.

For unfollow, every Instagram account cannot change the fact that unfollow. What brands need to do is to minimize the number of unfollowers. To reduce unfollow, we must first know the changing rules of unfollowers.

BrandFollowers counts the changes in followers for each Instagram account over time. And divide the follower into four data, total followers, following, unfollower, new follower.

Compare two weeks of new followers changes:

last week Two weeks ago Change for two weeks
45.17K 49.05K -3.88K

BrandFollowers also counts the changes in unfollower for each day and calculates the total number of unfollowers per week. If you want to analyze unfollowers data, you can click on gucci.

How to check Instagram account: 

BrandFollowers is a free followers tracker online tool. Just open https://brandfollowers.io/. Enter any Instagram account and you can see the followers report and statistics of each day.

Companies get a lot of conclusions by analyzing changes in followers. For example: followers = unfollowers + new followers. Sometimes followers do not increase, it does not mean that the current posts do not attract users, it may be that unfollow is increasing.

Changes in brand unfollowers can be reduced. If unfollowers have been increasing, consider the following reasons:

  • Posting frequency is too high or too low
  • Ratio of normal posting content to marketing content
  • Whether followers like the content of the post
  • Whether the brand’s current followers are real high-quality audiences

4.Calculate the engagement rate

The engagement rate is a measure of the popularity of Instagram posts. A good Instagram account has an engagement rate between 1% and 3%. An engagement rate below 1% indicates that the content of the post is not liked by users. The higher the engagement rate, the higher the popularity of the post and the higher the user engagement. At the same time, brands can publish more posts of the same type to promote.

Judging the Performance of the Engagement Rate:

<1% 1% and 3% >3%
not good good excellent

Engagement rate calculation: Engagement rate = (likes + comments) / followers

The main factors affecting the engagement rate are followers, likes, comments, and shares. The engagement rate is calculated based on the number of followers available on the Instagram account, and BrandFollowers tracks the number of followers per day.

BrandFollowers can also track the data of each post on Instagram in real-time and calculate the average engagement rate.The average engagement rate for gucci is 0.24.

BrandFollowers displays likes and comments data for the last 12 posts, and calculates the average likes of gucci is 91.40K, and the average number of comments is 351.

average engagement rate average likes average comments
0.24 91.40K 351

To Sum Up:

The above is a free gucci Instagram analysis and check report provided. BrandFollowers not only analyzed follower demographics, but also checked fake accounts, tracked unfollowers. It can also calculate engagement rates and find influencers mentioned. Through the above data, gucci has a clearer understanding of the current brand development.gucci can adjust its operating strategy based on this report and use data to help brand growth.