Why Instagram followers are decreasing automatically day by day?|BrandFollower

The followers of Instagram decrease day by day, first of all, to find the reason and make adjustments according to the reasons.
The following is a reasonable analysis and solution for Instagram follower reduction:

1. Fake account

The original followers of Instagram contain a large number of fake accounts, and these fake accounts will gradually decrease over time.
You may have bought a lot of fake followers before, and these followers increase the number of followers in the short term, but these followers will slowly decrease over time.
Use the tools for checking and tracking fake accounts to see if your fans have fake accounts.
I often use BrandFollowers to check for fake accounts. BrandFollowers is a free tool, in order to better analyze followers, develop this tool to help users do better Instagram marketing.
Enter any brand name in BrandFollowers to see the proportion of your fake accounts.

2. The source of followers is unstable

Instagram users like one of your posts, they follow you because of this content, but the later posts are no longer attractive to them, so your followers are reduced every day.


First, you can understand why followers choose to follow you. You need to know your fans more, understand their preferences, keep posting the same type of content to keep fans and post more contact with followers to keep them.

In addition, you can use a followers analysis tool to learn more about your fans and know your followers’ country, age, and hobbies. Only by knowing more about fans can you better retain them.


3.Release too frequently

You post a lot of posts, causing fans to see your information every day after opening Instagram, which will make fans feel resentful to you.


Moderately improve the quality of each post, rather than a lot of meaningless posts.

If you want more followers to follow you, you should make sure that the images of each post are attractive. These images use the appropriate filters, add the appropriate tags, and have interesting text explanations.

4.Massive marketing content

Even if your Instagram account is to promote sales. But don’t expose your marketing intentions too clearly. If all of your Instagram is about product promotion, then your followers won’t like it.


Lighten the promotional content. Then focus on the aesthetics, performance, and excitement of the product.
You can offer promotions and deals on Instagram, but you want to downplay the purpose of selling them. From the user’s point of view, the content tells the user that the product you provide can help them and solve the troubles for the user. Internal communication mainly reflects the beauty and performance of the product. In addition, you can also publish some related stories of the team, let users know more about you.

5. The content of the post has changed a lot

The types of content you post have changed too much and the quality is not stable. You should keep a style and keep it regular. For example, you are a rock singer-themed Instagram account, and your content has repeatedly shown that “classical music is the best.” This inappropriate content will reduce the trust and likes of fans.


Understand the content of posts that your users mainly like and add the same type of content. And keep sending regularly. Also, don’t send too many posts in a single day.

content of the post

6.No posts for a long time

Sometimes there is no good content or the recent business is busy, you will reduce the frequency of updating posts, but stopping the update completely will hurt you. If you haven’t interacted with a user or posted a post for a long time, your followers think they’re following an obsolete account. This will cause them to stop following you.


If you know that you are busy for a while and don’t have time to post, please plan the content in advance, or set the time for the release with the tool. Therefore, please prepare some content that users like in advance.

7. Not having good interaction with your followers

After the user follows you, they will click on the Like button, or give you a comment, they will post some thoughts or make some suggestions. You should always communicate with these followers and understand their ideas. If your long-term and user’s ideas deviate, it will lead to fewer fans.


Communicate with followers, especially to respond to some active fans, appropriately adopt some fan suggestions, understand the followers’ ideas, and let fans know about you.

8. The victim of the following strategy

I often see some news: If you follow me, I will follow you. If you follow a large number of Instagram accounts of the same type, then follower reduction is normal.
There are many accounts that follow lots of Instagram users with the hopes that they will get followers in return.


Don’t blame yourself for these followers. They will only follow you and then unfollow.

9.The development of competitors

If your competitors recently had some incentives or organized an interesting event, it will have an impact on the number of your followers. With a better competitor, your fans will be attracted to competitors.


BrandFollowers can be used to analyze your competitors, learn about competitors’ recent activities. You can conduct a follower analysis of competitors.
Use BrandFollowers to see trends in competitors’ recent followers, view competitors’ posts and stories on Instagram. Take appropriate action based on changes in competitors.

10.Violation of the Instagram platform policy

Instagram has a number of user usage rules, such as Instagram regulations: Other platforms are not allowed to “publish automatic content to Instagram using the Instagram API.


What we have to do is to follow the rules of the platform. Also, we need to pay attention to is: do not leak the Instagram account and password. Many third-party apps need you to provide an Instagram account and password, please be cautious.

in conclusion:
The reduction of Instagram followers is a very serious matter that requires us to be cautious. For fans to gradually reduce this matter, we must first point to the cause and make corrections based on the problems that arise.