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When doing Instagram marketing, followers can measure the effectiveness of account operations.

If you have more followers on Instagram, your account weight will be higher, and more people will see your post, which is more conducive to publicity.

As the followers grow, we need to have a clear understanding of the data of followers. It is important to track the number of followers. How do you track the growth of Instagram followers?

Free tracking tool

Since the development of Instagram, the principle of adherence has always been better user experience. The analysis of data is very strict, including Instagram, which only shows some data. Instagram has also closed several APIs for data analysis. In 2018, Instagram closed many third-party tracking tools. Instagram hides data from likes and videos in many countries.

Due to the strict restrictions on Instagram, it is becoming more and more difficult to capture Instagram data. A good Instagram followers tracking tool is also very important.

1.Instagram insights

Instagram has its own tracking tool called Instagram Insights. But, Insights can only be used after upgrading the merchant account. Insights track the main data is: understanding the performance of individual posts and snapshots, and how users interact with them.

2. BrandFollowers

BrandFollowers is a free Instagram tracking and analytics tool. BrandFollowers has a 300,000 Instagram brand analysis report. BrandFollowers detailed the Instagram followers to change data in the brand report.

BrandFollowers crawls the data of brand followers and graphs the data. Through the chart, the user clearly sees the changes in the daily follower data.

BrandFollowers displayed a total of four data: Followers & Following; Unfollowers & New Followers.

Followers show the total data changes of the brand followers every day.

The following shows the number of people who follow the brand.

Unfollowers counts the number of unfollowers per day for brand changes.

New Followers tracked the new followers each day.

The changes in unfollowers and new followers can directly reflect the popularity of the post.

Track follower tool usage

Use BrandFollowers: Open BrandFollowers, sign up for an account password, open the home page, enter any brand name, and view follower tracking data for the brand.

The harm caused by fake accounts

Sometimes, in order to get a lot of followers in a short time, we chose to use third-party apps to increase followers.

These third-party apps do help you get more followers, but those followers are very dangerous.

Because every app has some integrated Bots. These bots will send hundreds of fake followers to your account, and these fake followers will disappear within 24 hours.

At the same time, third-party apps make money by showing your ads.

This kind of work, although it increases the followers in your account in a short time, is more harmful. These third-party apps are very likely to cause your account to be banned.

Because when Instagram notices your fake fans, they do one or two things.

  • Remove followers.
  • Delete your account.

Therefore, grow followers by third-party apps actually increase the chances of disabling your account.

Because Instagram has been monitoring the use of robots to generate accounts for fake followers. Therefore, if you continue to use third-party tools to add false followers, you will end up losing your account.

I don’t recommend using apps to attract followers.

How to check for fake accounts:

There are a lot of tools that can check for fake accounts, but most of the checking tools are for a fee. The free check tool I use is BrandFollowers.

BrandFollowers will check how many fake accounts are in each account. BrandFollowers will check out Mass followers and Suspicious Accounts included in each account.

Methods to get high-quality followers

1. Post the regular time

Choosing an appropriate time to post will cover more people. According to research, it is best to post from 9:00 am to 11:00 EST.

2. Beautiful photo

The core part of Instagram is the photo. To get more Instagram followers in a stable way. A beautiful photo is the most critical.

3. Use the Instagram filter

The Instagram filter is very special, and the photos on Instagram have their own unique style, and using this unique style will attract more attention.


A unique HASHTAG will form a trend in Instagram, we must keep abreast of HASHTAG

Change, use hotspots to get more traffic.

5. Use the Instagram story

Instagram story is a new feature that many young people like. Instagram stories are popularity, with more than 400 million users watching Instagram stories every day. Make your story more creative and bring your followers behind the scenes to show them the most interesting parts of your day. You can ask questions. Use polls, quirky GIFs and music. Play with filters and boomerangs. This is the moment to deepen the brand’s impression.

6. Working with influencers

There are a lot of influencers on Instagram, and choosing to work with influencers is a quick way to get more traffic.

With the development of the network, influencers form a red person on the network. The influencers have a group of loyal fans. You can use these influencers to make these fans your followers.

7. Persist

The operation of Instagram is a long process. In the operation of Instagram, we will encounter many problems. As long as we persist, we can achieve success.

The operation of Instagram is a long process. In the operation of Instagram, we will encounter many problems. As long as we persist, we can achieve success. At the same time, we can pay more attention to the changes in follower data, adjust the direction of operation according to data changes, will make your success faster.

Through the above, do you know how to track the growth of followers on Instagram? Tracking the growth of Instagram requires more attention to data changes. Data is the best way to verify your operational performance, and tracking the growth of Instagram followers will help us get more followers faster.