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Instagram is a social platform with more than 1 billion active users per month. Among many social platforms, Instagram is famous for sharing pictures. According to statistics, 70% of American young people choose to join Instagram. With the increase of users, many celebrities and companies choose to carry out marketing activities on Instagram.

tracking followers and unfollowers-BrandFollowers
tracking followers and unfollowers-BrandFollowers

the reasons for tracking followers and unfollowers

1. Instagram does not have a good statistical platform to help us track the detailed data of followers. And ins he is infected. The statistics of the follower and unfollower APIs have also been turned off. The Instagram approach completely cuts off the user’s ability to track fan data via Instagram. In 2018, Instagram also closed many third-party platforms for unfollower statistics.

2. Because of the expansion of Instagram social media platform, Instagram is full of business opportunities, Instagram has formed a new group of people, they are influencers, these people have a huge number of fans and appeal, many brands through the influencers to expand brand influence, Improve sales performance.
Want to be influencers, to update valuable content for a long time, to attract followers, track follower and unfollower, can help you grasp the changes in the number of fans in the first place.

3. Omit, on Instagram, with more followers, you can increase the weight of the Instagram account, the higher the account weight, you can enjoy more and more platform benefits. With more Instagram followers, more people can see and understand your Instagram, which is more conducive to publicity.

track Instagram unfollower and follower tool – BrandFollowers

BrandFollowers is a tracking and analysis tool for followers and unfollowers. With BrandFollowers you can track Instagram unfollowers and followers. In BrandFollowers, you can see in detail four data for each day, followers, following, new followers, and unfollowers.

Followers are the total data that your fans end up with.

Following is when you follow the number of other people’s accounts.

The new follower is the number of followers you add each time.

Unfollowers is the number of people who unfollow your account every time.


unfollower and new follower
unfollower and new follower

In the picture of BrandFollowers, we can see that from October 13th to October 15th, the number of unfollowers is 32k; the new follower is 130k.

Benefits of using BrandFollowers:

1. Many people use third-party apps to track unfollowers and followers. However, the use of third-party apps is a hidden danger. Most third-party apps require you to log in with an Instagram account and password before you can track the data. This may cause your account password to leak, or you will receive a lot of spam.

But using BrandFollowers doesn’t have this problem at all, because BrandFollowers is an online tool. pens the website and searches for the username to see the data you want.

2. Using BrandFollowers, you can see the data in the form of a chart. Through the chart, the user can clearly and intuitively see the curve of the followers in each time. By changing the size of the float, we can judge the Instagram operation during this time. The effect is good or bad.

3. BrandFollowers ranks all brands according to the number of followers, fan growth, and engagement rate. Here, you can see which brands have the most followers and which brands have the fastest growth.

4. BrandFollowers can also help you track competitors‘ followers and unfollowers. With BrandFollowers, you can get a clearer picture of your competitors’ changes.

5. BrandFollowers also counts a variety of data, such as: checking fake accounts, follower‘s country, age, gender, hobbies, engagement rates, and more.

checking fake accounts

What do you think of unfollowers?

Unfollowers is a normal phenomenon, we can’t keep every fan, the correct attitude towards unfollower is:

1. The number of unfollowers is in a stable interval. For example, the number of unfollowers in a week is between 1000 and 2000, but unfollowers were at 5000 last week. Then you should analyze the reason and see why the unfollower is increasing. Or unfollower is less, then you look at what your actions are for your fans to like, you can pay more attention to this aspect in the future.

2. Unfollower is inevitable. We don’t have to worry too much about who is unfollow. The most important thing is to create more valuable content and attract more fans.

3. Interact with fans, reduce unfollow and increase engagement rate.

What do you think of unfollowers
What do you think of unfollowers

Summary: The above is how to track Instagram followers and unfollowers online. Instagram growth fans are a long-term process. In the process, every change in followers and unfollowers is critical. We want to use data to help us better Instagram marketing.