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Instagram has been used by more and more stars and celebrities, and a new online community has been born, called influencers. They attract a large following and help brands sell their products. But with the development of followers Instagram, there are more and more accounts for buying fake followers. Brands lose huge profits because of fake followers. What are the effective ways to check for fake followers?

The danger of fake followers

Waste of money: It usually costs $ 3 to buy 100 good followers. The number of followers purchased by general users is about 10,000 to 100,000. This is an expensive expense.
Reduce trust: If users find that a large number of followers in your account are fake, then the user’s trust in the brand will be reduced
Low participation: Followers who purchase will not interact with the account and will waste a lot of post reach.
Delete account: If Instagram checks out that your account contains a large number of fake followers, your account may be deleted

How do I check for fake followers in my account?

Simple check:

Fake followers share several characteristics, helping users quickly identify fake followers.

1.The username consists of numbers or letters randomly.

2. The followers’ followers data is almost always 1 or 0.

3. Followers’ following is close to 700 (following on Instagram accounts is up to 700)

4. Followers never post.

Data check:

Any account with a fake follower can be checked for the existence of a fake follower by simply analyzing a few data.

1. A large number of followers grow abnormally in a short period of time: fake followers of account purchases generally start from 1,000 followers, and followers of the account will increase a large number of followers in a day or a week.

2. Engagement rate is much lower than other accounts in the same industry, or much higher than other accounts: the average monthly engagement rate of instagram is 3%, and the engagement rate of some accounts is lower than 1%, or higher than 20%. These are abnormal. data. More than 20% may be a click-to-like or comment service purchased on the account. Below 1% may be due to the large number of fake followers in the account.

3. The ratio of likes/comments is abnormal: The ratio of comments/likes in general accounts is between 0.3% and 0.8%. If an account has purchased a like or comment service in order to increase the engagement rate, this ratio can check for fake followers.

4. Long-term follower decline: long-term follower decline, it is likely that the followers of purchases are gradually decreasing.

5. The gender ratio of sharing posts is very different from the gender ratio of fans: the ratio of men and women in the account is 1: 1, but the ratio of men and women who like posts is 1: 9. This anomalous data indicates that you may have fake followers.

The best tool to check for fake followers:

Whether it is simple identification or data to check for fake followers, it is not accurate. Now we recommend a free Instagram fake followers checker to identify fake followers in your account.

Free Instagram Audit Tool – BrandFollowers

When checking fake followers, BrandFollowers divided the followers into 4 categories: real followers, influencers, mass followers, and suspicious accounts.

BrandFollowers’s Instagram audit principle: engagement rate on Instagram accounts, like comment ratio, user and brand interaction, follower growth, follower and follower ratio, new followers and unfollowers changes, etc.

BrandFollowers checks fake followers and high-quality audiences with fifteen types of account data performance. Here are the main references for BrandFollowers to check for fake followers:

1.Follower Demographics Analytics

Based on big data and demographics, BrandFollowers analyzes the characteristics of the audience, including geographic location, gender, age, etc. BrandFollowers calculates the top 5 countries in which the audience is distributed, as well as the gender ratio of each age group.

2.Followers And Following Growth Statistics

The increase in followers is beneficial to the operation of the account, and it can also increase the weight of the account. The increase of statistical followers is necessary, and the increase of followers is a direct manifestation of the brand’s operating effect.

BrandFollowers graphically shows the follower and following changes in the account every day.

3.Unfollowers Tracker Online

BrandFollowers generates unfollowers tracker and new followers tracker charts by comparing changes in followers of the Instagram account. The chart analyzes the data of unfollowers and new followers for each day over time.

4. Engagement Calculation

The Instagram algorithm states that the reach of Instagram posts is related to the popularity of the posts. So it’s important to calculate the engagement rate of each post. A high engagement rate means that more users see your post.

BrandFollowers calculates the engagement rate in multiple dimensions, including weekly engagement rate, average engagement rate, like comment rate, etc.

BrandFollowers uses the above four indicators to review fake followers. This is a free Instagram fake follower checker.

How to generate good brand effects through social media

1.Know the fans

Know your fans better, know their country, age, gender. Knowing the content of their posts and testing when they are published can help you get better branding through social media.

2.Effective content: Share high-quality photos

The better the quality of your photos, the higher followers, likes and comments you will get. After all, this is Instagram, arguably the most visually focused social media platform. To improve the quality of your photos, here are two tips:
(1) Good light: When capturing photos, always have high-quality light.
(2) Use a digital SLR camera for better results.
Posting high-quality photos will also put your posts in front of other posts.

3.More interaction

(1) follow others
If you want to cultivate your followers, you need to follow others. Here’s a quick and easy way to get others to follow back. Always keep an eye on the competitors closest to your account, when following others. Keep an eye on these conditions.
 (2) Comments
When we like others’ personal posts and comments, I see that they are more likely to follow back. It is recommended that you can do this continuously, and then you are on the right path to building good followers.

4.Connect with other social media platforms

Connecting Facebook to your Instagram account is one of the easiest and fastest ways to activate your Instagram account. This is because when you connect Instagram to Facebook, Facebook friends like you will become your Instagram friends at the same time. Due to this convenience, most of us will choose to follow friends who are already on Instagram.

Finally, attention to every detail and perfecting every detail can help you improve your brand effect and get more true and high-quality followers. The above is the introduction of the free fake follower checker. Checking Instagram fake followers can help you solve the hidden dangers in your account and better complete brand growth.