Instagram Brand Marketing Case: How To Increase Followers?

In recent years, social marketing tools have sprung up, for enterprises, they bring more marketing and brand image opportunities, but not simply to set up an account, publish content can wait for it, social media is always a tool, we need to integrate it into our marketing process, And it doesn’t work on it alone. How do you subtly blend such tools with our marketing approach? Let’s take a look at these four innovation examples!

Today, our brand expectations for social media are growing. This has forced brands to allocate more power from traditional media to win more consumer engagement and interaction, and among them, information sharing, such as cow hair, has become everyone’s first choice. 40% of people have better feedback on visual information than plain text-like information presentation. So it’s no surprise that brands are scrambling to use image-sharing apps like Instagram.

Of course, there are also many brands that don’t just develop the fun that Instagram brings to traditional events and social networks, but also create more immersive and innovative activities. It has to be emphasized that the rich challenges and competition on Instagram can easily disoriented brands and find breakthroughs at some point.

And, of course, because of the constant growth and maturity that Instagram has become a brand’s must-win, everyone is learning how to combine marketing techniques with art to make themselves stand out. The true meaning of creating a brand effect is not just to make a splash in the audience, we need to encourage consumers to actively explore and ultimately be inspired.

Using social media for advertising is just one step, and brands must aim to be a promoter of events that integrate content and engage a wide range of fans. This article introduces four integrated, interactive Instagram activities that go beyond a single online interaction and bring people a truly authentic and unique enjoyment.

Recently, Nike has been a surprise: users can create their own new shoes on Instagram, both through a personalized approach to attract customers, but also let everyone try a taste of being a designer, both in one go. In this new NikeiD event, they play social cards, and fans have the opportunity to encourage and inspire each other and share their designs and ideas with the entire social community.

With a single tap, users can choose their favorite photos as the background for Nike Air, and then customize them to the color of the photos. This Nike PHOTOiD website not only lets users design their own shoes, but also browses other people’s design ideas, buys their own custom products and shares them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For the meaning of the individual to social media, this campaign gives it a new meaning.


As the most successful branding case on Ins, Starbucks was the first to discover the value of user engagement. Today, it has 10 million users and about 100,000 likes per tweet.
Starbucks not only uses very novel labels to promote its new flavors and season-time offerings, but also often retweets content from regular users. After this virtuous circle, users are also happy to share their experiences with Starbucks on the platform.


The best marketing ideas run through your entire marketing approach. Image, copy, tone. The right idea can bring you a lot of information – no matter what channel you use. Unfortunately, brands often mistake the problem for a lively slogan. Airbnb is not one of them.
The campaign slogan “Don’t just go there, live there” is an internal appeal. Airbnb backed it up perfectly on its Instagram channel and posted photos generated by users provided by hosts and guests. It makes Airbnb a reality. It provides users with a perspective that they can interact with. Each post can win thousands of likes for Airbnb.
This is a simple example of the real importance of achieving it. Ensure that your advertising campaign ideas reflect your brand and are decreasing throughout your marketing results.

Airbnb is also a hot favorite on Instagram. It has 3 million followers, and every post gets tens of thousands of likes. Airbnb is also taking full advantage of images shared by users of its platform. Not only that, it will be accompanied by a caption under the picture telling the story behind a room.
A beautiful picture is essential to capturing your audience. If you add a clever story, it is the icing on the cake.

Boxed Water

Boxed Water is a sustainable drinking water company that produces environmentally friendly alternatives to bottled water.
They teamed up with three internet redmen on Instagram, Jaime King, Megan Deangelis, and Aiden Alexander, to launch a campaign called The Retiree Project.
The company plants two green trees whenever people have a “Retree” label on the photos they send. A month after the event began, more than 2,500 people were involved.
Working with the influencers will benefit both sides. On the one hand, the traffic attraction of the influencers itself will make the brand’s popularity get a lot of improvement, on the other hand, the active participation of the influencers in such positive energy activities will also enhance their image and value.

Whether working with influencers or launching a meaningful campaign for a brand, it’s an effective way to promote marketing.

Small Business Marketing Methods:


CLUSE watches are produced in a small studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands that specializes in making watches.
Their Instagram account has helped them gain 690,000 followers, and consumers around the world are ordering their products.
An important part of ClUSE’s strategy is to share content uploaded and sent by users. Their customers often post pictures of themselves wearing CLUSE watches.
CLUSE collects these images and shares them on their accounts. This not only demonstrates CLUSE’s strong fan base, but also lets customers know that CLUSE is focused on customer engagement.
As a small business, you can emulate CLUSE’s Instagram marketing strategy. Users’ own publicity is more persuasive and more conducive to sales.


Letterfolk is a small business run by a husband and wife team that produces and sells handcrafted character boards.
Each character board has a full set of characters, so people can personalize the character board according to their own preferences.
The company gained 181,000 fans in a very creative way.
Letterfolk’s Instagram post is amusing and credible. All the images they posted invited people to like it and share it on social media.
While other Instagram accounts create a perfect atmosphere, Letterfolk depicts real life.
As a small business, you want to communicate with your customers on an emotional level, so your picture should be emotionally connected to the customer. Impressing customers with emotions is a long-term way to retain your fans.

Analysis tools:

These are some brand marketing methods, each brand marketing is inseparable from the operation, and good use of data analysis will help you the more effective brand promotion. You can use BrandFollowers to track the daily growth of your brand following. Use BrandFollowers to check for real users in your followers. Use Brand Followers to analyze brands with fast-growing fans. Use BrandFollowers to analyze competitors’ followers.

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