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Building a strong brand is one of the business goals. A high-quality brand can bring more users and increase trust and loyalty. Brand promotion is one of the important activities that enterprises can engage in.

Instagram is the world’s second-largest social media platform, with research showing that 90% of brands have an Instagram account. Eighty percent of the 100 companies in the study posted at least one Instagram photo or video per week to increase exposure. About 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts on Instagram.

Improve Instagram Brand And Business
Improve Instagram Brand And Business

Instagram is a suitable brand ingress platform, Instagram has enough target audience, and with a sound brand promotion mechanism. Here are 6 ways to improve brands and businesses on Instagram.

1. Make good use of hashtags

A post with 9 to 12 hashtags gets more user engagement than any number of hashtags.
Posts with lengths between 21 and 24 words work well.
Our commonly used hashtags are generally divided into 3 categories, common hashtags, brand hashtags, and long-tail hashtags.

General hashtags

Normal hashtags are the most used hashtags for posting, but be sure to use hashtags related to the subject of the photo

Brand hashtags

The brand hashtag is unique, it can give users a deeper brand impression, and can be used to participate in some activities.
If you’re launching an Instagram campaign, you must use the brand hashtags. This applies to competitions where influential people shout or new product launches.
Brand hashtags are easy to track because they are almost always used to talk about your own brand. Track the coverage of topic hashtags throughout the activity to help determine whether the activity was successful.
This also allows you to compare many campaigns to each other to see which strategy is more effective. If one hashtag is twice as much mentioned as the other, the event is the winner!

Long-tailed hashtags

In the same topic, the crowd using long-tailed hashtags is the same, but the number of long-tailed hashtags posts is relatively small, and your posts get more opportunities.

2. Take advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are about to become the new community KPI!
The company’s local dynamic in the local business of the brand Zhu Liu Street office accounted for up to 37% of the village, the local dynamic recent performance number also surged to 8 people. It can be through the connection of hidden users, the humble brand can naturally Zhu Liu Street office to occupy my village in the user’s life.
Stories can help brands show some personality or apply narratives to their products. Followers can view your images in the order you want. That’s what makes them stories!

Here are some tips for top-notch stories:

Offer something different: Don’t just string your usual Instagram content together. A glance at or a glimpse of “days in the life” makes this thing special.
Focus on narrative: Try to provide the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. Introduce a person, a place or a product, get the user’s attention, and then use killer CTA to phase it out.
Staying informal: Stories tend to be closer and more concise than other Instagram content. That doesn’t mean they may look rough – far from it – but here you can show the human side of your brand.
Try to take over: Let talented staff take over the day’s work and build their own story. Or, if you have good connections, well-known influencers are even better.

3. Continuously and efficiently output high-quality content

High-quality pictures

Most small businesses are “personal brands,” which means you’re the face of the brand. For most coaches, consultants and service providers, the boring days are over. Make your site and brand stand out online with photos that reflect your personality and style. You’ll attract your ideal customers and deliver your message with less effort.

The right time to post

What are the best message times for 2020? The last time the article was posted was from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursday.

The right frequency of posts

How long is the best frequency of 2020? In a study of 55 brands, it was found that each brand was posted 1.5 times a day on average. And more than a third of brands, the average monthly frequency of writing falls 11-20 times.

4. Influential people work together

While there are some unique factors to consider when working with influencers, activities are the same as in most marketing activities: research, budgeting, targeting, identifying influencers and reviewing and revising them.
Once the pace slows down, you may find yourself creating other types of influencer marketing campaigns. Success varies by brand, so if your first failure is not to give up. You may find that incorporating influential people into your marketing strategy is beneficial to everyone.

5. Promote your brand

Use advertising

With Instagram ads, you can quickly promote high-quality posts to more people’s accounts. And you can market your products to a precise target audience. This is a quick way to market your brand.

And another brand competition

Everyone loves to win!
By partnering with another Instagram business in the same field, you two can take a giveaway or contest and ask users to enter both of your accounts at the same time.
The idea here is that if you have a similar buyer role, you and they will get high-quality attention.

6. Using tools

Management tools

Hootsuite is one of the pioneers of social media management platforms, arguably the most famous. Hootsuite retains its absolute advantage among competitors with its perfect capabilities. Although expensive, it is currently the most supported social media management tool.
It features:
It supports popular social media channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and little-known channels such as Mixi, Flickr, Tumblr and Storify
There are free plans but offer a peaceful premium plan
Allow teamwork
Have stable browser-based apps and apps for iOS and Android
Pros: Help teamwork, have a free version, channel the most

Analytics and tracking tools

BrandFollowers is the best free Instagram follower analytics tool. BrandFollowers has 300,000 brand analytics. It doesn’t need to log on to an Instagram account to analyze multiple brands and form brand reports.

It features:
BrandFollowers analyzed in detail the country, age, and gender of followers
BrandFollowers checks the proportion of fake followers in the account
BrandFollowers tracks changes in the following and followers every day
BrandFollowers tracks every day’s new follow and unfollow
BrandFollowers counts the likes and comments of each post in detail and then calculates the engagement rate
BrandFollowers calculates how often the account is posted and the influencers mentioned in the account

Pros: This analysis tool doesn’t need to be logged into your Instagram account to view the analysis report
This tool doesn’t want to download apps and doesn’t need Instagram authorization
This tool can also be used to check account analysis of other people such as competitors

These are the 6 ways you want to promote your brand and improve your business. Brand promotion is a long-term persistence process, as long as we do everything with our heart, use data to check account changes, and the results of the data used for more promotion methods, the brand will be successful.