Ig Audit Real Followers:4 Instagram Audit Tools

Why check Instagram audit real followers?

There are already 1 billion users on Instagram, and it is estimated that by 2020, the number of Instagram users will reach 125 million. According to statistics, 90% of brands have registered accounts on Instagram.
The above data shows that Instagram is already a mature social platform and has increasing commercial value. But many accounts have bought a lot of fake followers for vanity and more decent data.
In order to understand Instagram accounts and Instagram influencers more clearly, ig audit instagram real followers is necessary.

Why use the ig audit real followers tool?

It seems that an account on Instagram can quickly have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers with just a few photos. But when we actually went running an Instagram account, we found it difficult to get real followers.
Because many Instagram accounts buy a lot of fake followers, this is an unfriendly thing for any brand that intentionally operates an Instagram account.
Using the ig audit tool allows us to clearly understand the real followers of each account.

ig audit real followers tools:


SocialBlade is a statistical and analytical tool for social media platforms. SocialBlade can count the changes of followers on Instagram in real-time.
How does audit Instagram real followers?
SocialBlade can count the changes of followers on Instagram in real-time. If there are a large number of fake followers purchased by the account, in the statistical chart of the account, we can clearly see the abnormal changes of the followers. That SocialBlade is a suitable tool for checking the authenticity. But this tool is very inaccurate for real followers auditing. Because a large number of growth followers may not be entirely due to the purchase of fake followers. And some accounts will continue to buy fake followers. When the statistics of followers change, the curve change of this chart is not obvious.

So, using SocialBlade to count followers is not recommended.

2.Ig Audit

Ig Audit is a tool specifically used to check followers. It has been reported by multiple media. It has 3 million users and helps users check tens of millions of Instagram accounts.
How does audit Instagram real followers?
The check method used by ig audit is: for any instagram account, ig audit will randomly extract 200 followers, and then ig audit will carefully identify the authenticity of these 200 accounts. The specific identifying elements include: the username of the account, the account The percentage of followers and followers, the number of posts posted, and whether this account belongs to a private or public account.
ig audit calculated the authenticity of the 200 followers after carefully screening the 200 followers. The resulting data is the real follower ratio of the account.
An audit method like ig audit has a certain degree of error, but the error range is small, and the inspection results are only obtained within a few seconds.

Therefore, the ig audit tool is recommended. Unfortunately, ig audit was recently closed by facebook. Although the owner of the tool is actively recovering it, the actual recovery time is uncertain.


HypeAuditor is an audit tool focused on Instagram influencers. HypeAuditor helps brands choose the right followers and then audit the real followers.
How does audit Instagram real followers?
HypeAuditor’s inspection principle: HypeAuditor will check multiple elements of Instagram, and then score based on these elements. The higher the score of the account, the more their real followers.
HypeAuditor’s Instagram data includes: the geographical location of followers, and the language. The gender breakdown of followers of all ages. The percentage of influencers included in Instagram followers. Changes in Instagram followers, engagement rates, likes and comments, and more.
HypeAuditor’s analysis of 20 Instagram inspection items resulted in a comprehensive score for an account audit, with a perfect score of 100. Among them, accounts with a score higher than 70 have good followers, and most of them are real.

Pricing: $ 18 per inspection report
Ten inspection reports $ 99
50 inspection reports $ 209
So, we recommend this tool, it is a very accurate audit tool. However, its inspection cost is very high. When you use it, you have to calculate how to buy it.


BrandFollowers is a tool that integrates Instagram analysis and auditing. With BrandFollowers, you can use it to analyze Instagram accounts and check ig real followers. BrandFollowers is an inspection tool similar to HypeAuditor. Many of their algorithms are similar. But BrandFollowers improved the algorithm on the basis of HypeAuditor, and more accurately audited the real followers of followers.
How does audit Instagram real followers?

BrandFollowers is a recently popular free instagram audit real followers tool. BrandFollowers are optimized based on HypeAuditor’s algorithm. In addition to checking the basic information of followers, such as basic information such as geographic location, age, and gender, the growth and change of followers, and the engagement rate of followers.

BrandFollowers’ optimization consists of 3 elements:
1.BrandFollowers checks the interaction of each follower and account. If most of the followers do not interact with the account, the followers of this account are suspicious.
2.BrandFollowers checks the user names and the number of posts of followers. If most of the follower user names are random letters and numbers, then the followers’ false ratio is high.
3.BrandFollowers also tracks the changes of unfollowers and new followers every day. If the account purchases followers for a long time, the total follower data cannot be seen to change, but the unfollowers and new followers change obviously.
Therefore, we recommend using BrandFollowers. BrandFollowers is a perfect ig audit real followers tool.

The above are some of my basic introductions to ig audit real followers. The four tools above are all very safe and efficient. The above tools can be used without logging into an Instagram account. So, if you want to know about ig audit real followers, you can use the above tools.