Fanbytes vs BrandFollower

Fanbytes platform morning mission: to help brands win the favor of Gen Z and millennials on social media.

Fanbytes is a leading influencer marketing agency with a team of Gen Z experts and influential content creators to get brands trending on social media.
Help Brands Win The Hearts of Generation Z.
With an audience that has grown up with social media as their TV, 13-24-year-old Gen Z audience has grown up interacting very differently to brands.
We built Fanbytes to help you reach this audience in the most organic ways on social whilst driving real measurable results.

BrandFollowers is a free Instagram follower analysis and tracking tool. It generates a report for each brand that shows the brand’s followers’ calculations and statistical charts.

BrandFollowers has 300,000 brand analysis reports that use this tool to help you monitor changes in your competitors and learn more about your partners when brands work together.

BrandFollowers, in addition to tracking each day’s followers and unfollwers, also calculate engagement rates and like-comment rates. And BrandFollowers analyzes the country, age, and gender of followers.

Most importantly, BrandFollowers checks any brand’s followers for fake accounts.

Today, Instagram is flooded with fake followers, and BrandFollowers can handle these problems.

BrandFollowers enables brands to gain new social followings and manage competitive social spaces.

As social networks become more noisy and time-consuming, and brands become more difficult to reach a loyal audience, our tools will be dedicated to addressing these requirements.

So what’s the difference between Fanbytes and BrandFollowers?

Features BrandFollowers Fanbytes
Audience Instagram Brands Brands
Influencers cooperation platform
Influencer Mentions
Brand follower analytics
Check fake followers
Followers track
Following track
New followers track
Unfollowers track
Engagement rate
Statistics like and comment
Calculate posting frequency
Brand rank
No need to log in any account
Pricing free