FameBit vs BrandFollower

FameBit is a self-service influencer marketing platform that enables users to collaborate with influencers and track their performance. Its features include campaign management, performance insights, influencer ratings, individual creator tracking, and more.

Leading self-service influencer marketing platform where brands and influential creators collaborate for branded content endorsements on YouTube, Instagram, and more.

BrandFollowers is an Instagram brand analysis and tracking platform. Here you can see follower analysis reports for any brand. BrandFollowers does not require users to log in to any account to monitor data changes.

BrandFollowers can track unflollowers and calculate engagement rates. It can also be used to analyze competitors’ marketing.

So what’s the difference between FameBit and BrandFollowers?

Features BrandFollowers FameBit
Audience brands brands
platform instagram youtube
Influencer Mentions
influencers cooperation  ❌
Follower analysis
Engagement rate calculation
Check fake accounts
Followers and following track
New followers and unfollowers track
Sort brand
Competitor analysis
Login account no need need
Pricing free 10%Service Fee