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The millennials who grew up with the Internet have become the aborigines of the Internet. And they are now the main force of consumption. With the development of the Internet, a new group is now generated on the network, they are influencers. With the development of youtube, Instagram, tiktok, and other applications, influencers are a growing group.

They have millions or even tens of millions of followers. Influencers use these followers to make money. There are many followers who buy fake followers for vanity and more benefits, but these fake followers will mislead the brand. And cause great losses for companies that use influencers to promote their products.

In order to evaluate the promotion effect of these influencers, each brand must check the fake followers before choosing the appropriate influencers. Only if the brand knows the number of true fans and engagements of influencers. They will choose the influencers that are right for them.

Audit Tools for checking fake followers

IG Audit is a tool for checking fake followers. It was created by a US developer. IG Audit requires the Google Chrome plugin to be used. IG Audit is an innovative and valuable software that has been reported by multiple media. Unfortunately, the IG Audit is now closed by Facebook. Although many people are applying to resume IG Audit, it is still uncertain when it will be used normally.

Principle of checking fake followers:

First, IG Audit randomly extracts 200 accounts from each account. Then IG Audit judges fake followers by checking the authenticity of these 200 accounts. Although such judgments may be wrong, IG Audit has helped many users.
Price: Free


HypeAuditor is a well-known tool for checking fake followers. HypeAuditor was officially established in 2017. So far, HypeAuditor has been continuously updating and accumulating data.
HypeAuditor’s core function is to check fake followers. At the same time, analyzing other data such as high-quality followers and engagement rates. HypeAuditor is the most mature inspection follower tool on the market today. Provided strong support for many brands.

The principle of checking fake followers:
HypeAuditor will judge multiple indicators of followers in each account. These judgments include more than a dozen detailed reference data, such as engagement rate, country of followers, etc. HypeAuditor will score each indicator to form the Audience Quality Score (AQS).
AQS scores from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the audience quality. Besides, HypeAuditor will count the number of high-quality audiences. Brands can judge influencers based on this number.

HypeAuditor works with both pay-as-you-go and subscription models. If you use it as a pay-as-you-go, you need to pay a credit line in advance, and each credit line will give you an influencer report. Each report is valid for one year. The more reports you buy, the cheaper each report will be:
1 report-$ 30
10 reports-$ 149 ($ 14.9 per report)
50 reports-$ 349 ($ 6.98 each)


BrandFollowers is a free analytics and inspection Instagram follower tool. BrandFollowers is the latest popular analysis and tracking tool recently. It has recommended by many users. In addition to analyzing Instagram influencers accounts, BrandFollowers also analyzes various brand followers. BrandFollowers currently has millions of data.

The principle of checking fake followers:
BrandFollowers will follow the followers ‘resumes, engagement rates, follower countries, gender and age of followers, changes in new followers and unfollowers, followers’ activity tracks, follower comments, etc Conditions. Judge the authenticity of followers.

Price: Free

Status of fake followers

In new types of social media like Twitter and Instagram, it is common to use robots or fake followers to simulate and exaggerate the number of followers of certain profiles. It is estimated that the number of fake followers can reach millions on Instagram.
On Google, there are 26,000 searches for “buy Instagram followers” every month. It seems that buying followers has become a sprawling phenomenon on Instagram. With each account building a false boom.
Although Instagram is cracking down on this kind of purchase followers. Instagram has formulated a series of punishment measures. But it has not changed the phenomenon of followers.
Due to the existence of fake followers, most people are being deceived by fake followers. This is the status quo of fake followers.

How to check fake followers?

Although the basis for each tool to check followers is not the same, there are some common points that everyone will consider.

1. As long as you buy fake followers, it usually means a drastic change in follower data. It usually manifests as a sudden increase in followers over a period of time. After a few weeks or months, these followers will nofollow at the same time.

2. For all fake followers, their usernames consist essentially of random letters and numbers. The personal information of fake followers is empty or meaningless.

3. Buying a large number of fake followers, their age and geographic location are uneven, which is a basis for judgment.

4. The activity of the fake follower’s account is suspicious. Because Instagram accounts allow up to 7,000 people. In the early days when fake followers were created, in order to make fake accounts look more real, machines would publish content. Then these fake accounts started to follow more and more users. After reaching a certain number, the fake accounts will stop following and continue to reduce the following.

5. The presence of fake followers can lead to lower engagement rates. Fake followers do not like and comment on account content. So having a large number of fake followers accounts generally has a low engagement rate.


6. Meaningless comment.
Some machine-generated accounts will comment on things such as “It’s good” and “Pictures are beautiful” in order to make them look more real.

The above is an introduction to checking fake followers and review tools. I hope this article helps brands and companies better find suitable Instagram partners.