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Some people mistakenly believe that the most important factor in the success of social media is the number of followers of someone. So, they tried to take shortcuts and successfully buy followers. They equate the number of followers you display with your popularity.
But, social media is not the case. Anyone can buy followers. But, unless you can influence others, you will not be an influencer. You need to be a thought leader in a niche market and build your own followers.
The problem with buying followers is that it gives you a very unbalanced account. You have thousands of followers but rarely take part. The only person you influence is yourself, and it’s not difficult to analyze your account to find out what you are doing.

4 reasons to buy Instagram followers

1. Get a lot of followers quickly: It’s difficult to run Instagram accounts to increase followers, but buying followers is simple, and you can get 1,000 followers for $10.

2. More fans have added authority. If we operate an Instagram account and have more fans, it will increase the authority of the account and increase the user’s trust in the account.

3. Self-promotion and product promotion: Most users have a heart-to-heart, and more followers are good for promotion.

4. Psychologically satisfied: seeing a large number of followers, you will get psychological satisfaction.

4 reasons not to buy Instagram followers

1. Fake fans do not interact with your account
Despite having thousands of recent followers, my Instagram account has not received any likes or comments.
Of course, it makes sense to buy followers that do not include increased participation. Because the buy likes and comments are charged separately.

2. Counterfeit followers are obviously fake
Just look at the proportion of my followers and anyone can guess that my followers are fake. Unless you are Beyonce and Adele, following zero or two accounts does not make much sense for you to get followers yourself.
If people click to view my actual followers’ list, they will confirm their suspicions. The names of my new followers often look like names on the keyboard (a lot of numbers and random letters), they usually have only a few articles, their photos are usually random, and there are almost no stories.

3. The number of followers fluctuates greatly
Once potential partners even get us into trouble through the most basic Instagram review tools.
If you are a fake follower, you can clearly see their changes through the follower analysis tool.
For example, if you buy 2,000 followers, you will quickly grow 2,000 followers in a day, and then these followers will slowly disappear over time, leaving you with only 100 followers a week later.
The clear fluctuation in the number of followers is likely to be the buy of a large number of false followers.

4. Instagram may suspend your account
A large number of fraudulent accounts are not conducive to the development of the platform, so Instagram has taken many measures to reduce unwelcome behavior on the platform.
The platform periodically removes fake accounts, which means your followers may disappear at any time.
An Instagram spokesperson said accounts associated with third-party growth hacking apps may lose access to certain Instagram features.
Finally, never forget that buying followers violates the Terms of Service, so there is always a risk that Instagram may completely suspend your account.

Use BrandFollowers to check and track Instagram brand and see if there are any fake followers in your account.


The principle of checking for fake accounts:

1. There is an “abnormal” number in the account.
Real accounts tend to have similar patterns the number of followers, the number of followers, and participation. Although everyone’s account operations are different, you can still easily find outliers.

2. There are many things that need to be done in a few days, while others are few.
Usually, on the day of creation, someone creates a robot that can track hundreds or thousands of people. It might even share something on the day to make it look real. Once the bot has tracked enough people, it will stop running and rely on people not checking their accounts and canceling fake accounts.
The number of followers of truly influential brands tends to be relatively stable. Their fans are in a stable range, and the fan growth rate may increase, but in a short time, they will not have a large number of followers (like most fake accounts).

3.No or meaningless profile
People who create fake accounts often don’t spend a lot of time creating realistic profiles. Sometimes, they just leave the resume part blank, or just fill in the least details. They sometimes even adjust settings to hide the configuration file. This will make your investigation more difficult because you don’t see their details. But, you should ask yourself what is the authenticity of the person who hides his biological details. Are they likely to be attractive, focused followers?

Again, you should consider missing profile pictures as a danger sign, especially in visual media like Instagram.
In some cases, unscrupulous Instagram users often use someone else’s photos to create a completely fake resume that “catch” you. These are usually just images picked up from stock photo sites.

4.Spam, irrelevant comments
Some smarter robot accounts (even some more dishonest manual accounts) create annotations that make them look real. The problem is that these comments are generic and lack substantive content. For example, you may find an account constantly commenting on “good pictures” or “good work.”
While these reviews are technically appealing, there is no value to those who want to influence their persuaders to follow the brand’s products for their brand.
Similarly, some accounts leave irrelevant spam comments, apparently trying to sell something. Sometimes these are well-thought-out and executed sales strategies. In other cases, they are more dangerous and encourage you to leave contact information so they steal your identity.

5.Very high engagement rate
You should check the brand’s participation rate. Brand engagement (likes and comments) is about 1.5-3% of its followers. For example, if the influencer has 100,000 followers, you should see 1,500 – 3,000 likes and comments (merger) in the average post. For many brands, depending on their niche market, participation can reach 1%. But, if the brand’s job participation rate is usually much lower than this, you should be suspicious.
But, don’t think that higher is not necessarily better. A participation rate of more than 10% may be doubtful. If you see a high participation rate, the brand may be using manual participation techniques, such as being part of a participating group.

BrandFollowers is here to remind everyone: While buying Instagram followers can get a temporary benefit, in the long run, this is wrong behavior, and there are now many ig audit tools like BrandFollowers to help you check for fake followers.
So, BrandFollowers recommends that you still not buy Instagram followers.