IG Audit vs BrandFollowers: Check Instagram Fake And Real Followers

Instagram is a big platform with more than 1 billion active users per month. Instagram is a big platform with more than 1 billion active users per month. With the development of Instagram, many influencers and brands have chosen to buy fake followers to get a vanity. Here, we introduce 2 tools for checking Instagram fake and real followers.

Check Instagram followers free tool

1.IG Audit

IG Audit has built a search engine that tracks and checks if the followers are real or fake. IG Audit can correctly identify more than 90% of true followers. But IG Audit only grabs 200 samples at a time to analyze true and false accounts, which can lead to errors.

Although such calculations are less accurate. IG Audit has helped many users and made users more aware of the influencers and brands on Instagram. But recently, IG Audit has been banned, we feel very sorry.


BrandFollowers is a free Instagram follower analytics and tracking tool. BrandFollowers help users track changes in followers count, check followers, and analyze followers’ information.

One of the most important features of BrandFollowers is to help users check any Instagram account real and fake followers. BrandFollowers is an online website. You do not provide an Instagram username and password. And you can view the analysis report directly.

BrandFollowers analyzes and evaluates each follower’s information in five ways.

  1. The number of followers fluctuates greatly. For example, a brand new Instagram account adds 2,000 followers a day, but only 100 are left after a week. Those 2000 followers may all be fake accounts.
  2. Too low the engagement rate. For example, you have 100,000 followers, but your engagement rate is less than 0.5%. These abnormal data state that there is a lot of false attention in your account.
  3. An account without personal information. For example, most of the followers have no personal profiles, and these accounts may be fake users.
  4. Meaningless comments. For example, Comment contains many duplicate sentences or words that are not associated with the subject. These are fake accounts.
  5. Excessive participation rate. For example, each of your posts has a 100% Engagement rate, and those who like and comment on you may be fake accounts.

Check the type of account

IG Audit

IG Audit divides all users into two categories: real accounts and fake accounts:

  • 1.real followers: IG Audit has built a search engine that crawls and determines if the followers are real or fake. The crawler can correctly identify more than 90% of true followers, but IG Audit each time. Only 200 samples were taken to analyze the true and false accounts, and IG Audit had errors.
  • 2.Fake followers: IG Audit can determine 90% of true followers, but can only determine 80% of counterfeiters followers.

Although IG Audit has some discrepancies, it is still interesting, helping many users to identify real Instagram.


BrandFollowers divides followers into four types when checking followers:

  • 1.Real users: real users have a stable IP address; a complete resume; will update posts from time to time; will take part in the engagement.
  • 2.Influencers: BrandFollowers records accounts with more than 3,000 followers as influencers.
  • 3. Fake followers: BrandFollowers combines five data to determine false accounts.
  • 4.Suspicious Account: BrandFollowers records accounts of followers who are restricted or prohibited by Instagram as suspicious accounts.

BrandFollowers categorizes Instagram accounts in more detail, helping users to clearly understand their followers.

Check Instagram real and fake followers report

IG Audit

After installing the IG Audit, IG Audit will display the ratio of real and fake followers in each account.
Besides, IG Audit estimates each post to help users estimate the likes and comments they will receive.


Enter any Instagram brand name in BrandFollowers to get an inspection report. In this check report, besides the number of real and fake followers. BrandFollowers will display a variety of data :

  • Specific information about the country, age, gender, etc. of the follower
  • Changes in new followers and unfollowers

The above is a comparison of the two tools. IG Audit and BrandFollowers are good tools. They use their own algorithms when checking Instagram’s real and fake followers. If you want more accurate data, you can use two tools to judge real and fake followers at the same time.