Brand Followers: How can brands grow followers on instagram?

Instagram is the fastest-growing new social media in recent years, with 73 percent of brands in the U.S. setting up accounts with Instagram. But how can brands grow followers on Instagram?

Brand Followers
Brand Followers

1.Switch to an Instagram corporate account

An Instagram corporate account provides great flexibility to organize and can more easily grow followers.

Use Instagram tools to increase followers and engagement. Recently, there have been many exciting new technologies on the market aimed at empowering social media marketers and influencers to increase the engagement of Instagram followers and followers.
For users who want to fine-tune their Instagram strategy, a good third-party Instagram analytics tool is critical. Some platforms can even help social media marketers link the growth of followers to changes in specific content or content strategy, making it easier to double what works best.

3.Create free events to attract Instagram followers

One of the best comments you can get on any social media post, not Instagram, is that one of the users has tagged a friend. Not only do these comments contribute to the engagement of a post, which in turn benefits the Instagram algorithm, but each tag brings you new members of your audience who arrive through recommendations and are likely to become followers.

4.develop hot labels

Instagram recently announced that users will be able to follow certain tags. Based on this update, brand owners should try to develop a trend label that encourages users to take part. If the theme tag is branded, it can also help increase brand influence.

Use the right Instagram hashtag

Your goal on Instagram is to regularly engage your current audience while also increasing the number of real followers. Publishing new, interesting, and engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement, but to start growing, you’ll find it important to tag your photos. After tagging the photos, people can easily find the photos they are searching for those specific terms. When opportunities arise, aligning content with trending topics or topic tags can improve discovery and engagement.
So which theme tags should you use? Like Twitter and other social networking sites, Instagram users use other tags on some of them. If you use popular Instagram hashtags in your photos, you’re likely to attract new users and be discovered.

Mark each post with a location and appropriate tags
For everyone interested in expanding their reach, it’s best to absorb as much information as possible in each Instagram post. This means adding locations and appropriate tags to make the content easier to find.

5.Appropriate Posting

  • Beautiful pictures and video

Image and video quality play an important role in the success of Instagram content. Consider hiring a freelance photographer or cameraman to create compelling Instagram content. The use of professional photographers can play an important role.

  • Appropriate Instagram filters

With the rise of Instagram, retro filters are the easiest way to beautify a photo, allowing a girl who doesn’t know how to retouch a photo to tinker with colors and light. Not only are there various photo and photo editing apps, but the phone itself comes with filters.
The filter is an expression of artistic conception, and the meaning conveyed in the photo should be consistent with the feeling given by the filter. For example, it may not be suitable to use the retro filter with a dark tone, and it may not be suitable to sunbathe the baby.

  • The right time

Test and select the best release times based on a variety of factors, including industry and fan country.

  • An interesting contest

Although competitions on some social media platforms are no longer popular, they are still very active on Instagram.

  • A big discount

Encourage your customers to follow your Instagram account by offering a great price to their Instagram followers. Some sophisticated e-commerce systems may be able to determine whether a customer is an Instagram follower. If you don’t have access to such a system, you can share exclusive discounts with your Instagram followers directly via automated direct messaging to encourage others to follow your account.

  • Start by sharing your company’s exclusive announcement on Instagram

Exclusivity stirs interest. If you want to encourage people to view your Instagram profile, sharing important company updates on Instagram before sharing them on other channels is a great way to motivate people to follow your account.

6.The integrity of the story

Feeds consistent with the topic are always published at your consistent publishing rate, and like many of the other growth strategies we described above, it has just as much impact on increasing the number of followers. Even simple patterns can attract new followers by being able to communicate with people you know about your profile at first glance.

Create content for Instagram stories

Within a year of its launch, Instagram stories had attracted more than 300 million users. In fact, more people now use Instagram Stories than Snapchat. If you haven’t already created content specifically for Instagram stories, consider doing so.
Create compelling brand narratives that inform Instagram content
The best brands use a variety of Instagram content to tell the same story. It’s important to develop compelling and consistent brand stories to communicate effectively with Instagram users

Mark your location

In addition to tags, you can also make your Instagram posts and Stories discoverable by marking your location (your city or where you took photos or video).
Locations not only have their own Instagram feeds, but also their own stories, like the theme tags you can contribute when you use location tags in your stories.


Billions of dollars are spent on Instagram advertising each year, and those numbers are expected to grow. Brands of all sizes know that Instagram ads offer unique opportunities to access specific Instagram user groups. For those interested in rapidly growing their Instagram following, advertising may be a good option.


Keep up with Instagram trends by following influencers and big brands
Instagram trends can be volatile. Using a particular filter or label can be all the rage in one minute, and the next minute the trend will disappear. To keep track of popular Instagram habits, follow well-known influencers and big brands. Typically, the most popular Instagram accounts are those that set new social media trends.
Most marketers who rely on influencers agree that this is an effective strategy. Consider hiring influencers or micro-influencers to quickly increase the coverage of your account.

9. Check competitors for inspiration

You can learn a lot by tracking and analyzing competitors, whether their Instagram marketing strategy is successful or not. By carefully monitoring the competition, you might be inspired by an Instagram AD campaign that works well with your target audience. Instead, you can choose to avoid marketing campaigns that underperform your competitors.

Stealing competitors’ followers on Instagram

One of the best ways to find and attract new fans is to analyze your competitors’ Instagram followers and interact with them. These people have already shown a degree of interest in the product you’re carrying simply by looking at a competitor’s account.
So how do you effectively steal followers from your competitors? You can engage the followers of your closest competitors by interacting with them. There are several ways to interact with Instagram users and the more work you put in, the more followers and repeat participation you get.

10.Learn from great Instagram brands

Do you know which brand on Instagram currently has the most followers? Which Instagram brand has the fastest growing following? Which brand has the highest engagement rate?
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Above are 10 common ways to increase brand followers, I hope you can help!